Automotive Locksmith Services 

Instances of locking car keys inside the car or breaking the keys in the ignitions are common, yet such incidences can be disturbing especially if you don’t know how to come out of such situations. Being locked out of your car can be a terrifying experience, especially if you are far away from home. If you are every locked out of your car just call 305 LOCKOUT. We will locate our nearest technician and he will be there within you within 15-20 minutes of your call. We are available 24 hours a day to help you. All our locksmith technicians use specialist equipment and help you to gain entry into your vehicle quickly without causing any damage to your vehicle. From removing broken keys from your vehicle to reprogramming transponder keys we can help you with everything. Your security and safety is our priority. We have a team of locksmiths who specialize in automotive locksmith and can easily work on all kinds of lock devices. Whether you wish someone to fix your transponder key or need a rekey service; our team is always ready to come to your rescue. Call us and avail our top-notch automotive locksmith solutions. Our licensed and bonded locksmiths offer the experience equipment and expertise that fulfill an automotive security need.

24/7 Vehicle Lockout Service 

One of, if not, the most stressful situation that anyone can find themselves in is being locked out of your own vehicle. Whether you just got off work or finished shopping at the mall, the last thing you want is to find yourself locked out. But if that does happen to you, 305 Lockout is here to help you. We offer a 24/7 vehicle lockout service to all Miami, FL, residents and the neighboring cities. We strive for customer satisfaction which is why we always prioritize lockout situations. So when you find yourself locked out, you want to call us, upon receiving your call we will contact one of our professional auto locksmith technicians near you, and they should arrive at your location within 15 minutes or so. When the technician arrives, he verifies your information, and with the right set of tools unlocks your car as quickly as possible. Rather than getting your vehicle towed or having to call the dealer to get you a new key, just give us a call and well be able to help you out at a competitive price. Our locksmiths are equipped with all the tools necessary to regain entry into your car and retrieve your keys without any damage. We will ensure that the service is quick and easy, call today!


Transponder Key Programming

As you know, it is always a good idea to keep a spare copy of your vehicle’s key in case of any emergencies. But if you find yourself losing your only copy don’t fret, at 305 Lockout we offer Transponder Key Programming services. Automotive keys today are much more complex than they were a few decades ago. Unless your car is a vintage model, you may not be able to get your keys copied or replaced at your local hardware store. Some newer automotive keys have security features using embedded chips that can only be copied by a dealer or locksmith. Nearly all cars manufactured from 1996 and onward have security features built in to prevent vehicle theft. These features include a “transponder chip” embedded inside your car key so that not just any key can start your vehicle. Losing these keys will render your vehicle unusable and you may be stranded, leaving you with the expensive choice of having your car towed to a dealership in order to have those keys replaced. Rather than wasting a fortune at your dealership, give us a call. We can copy or replace your transponder keys and remotes at a much lower cost than your dealer might charge you. Our locksmiths will come to you and replace your keys on the spot, creating the new key and programming it into your car, saving you lots of time and even more money! We offer a transponder key programming service to all Miami, FL, residents. Our certified technicians will arrive at your location with a key blank that corresponds to your vehicle, ready to be made. Once our locksmiths cut you your new key, they use their special programming computer systems to connect into your vehicles computer system and begin the programming process. Once the programming process is complete, your new key or copy of an old key will be ready to unlock, lock, and start your vehicle.  We will need your car’s make, model and year to be able to give you a quote over the telephone. We can reproduce your keys using computer programming, cloning or onboard programming. For any further information, feel free to call us!

      Locksmith Programming 305 Lockout

Fob Key and Remote Programming

Over the years, the technology in vehicles has evolved tremendously, now there are models that allow you to start your car at a push of a button and require no turning of an ignition. These kind of vehicles and keys are what we call Key Fobs. These are often referred to as “smart keys” or simply “key fob” and can be extremely expensive to replace. With updated technology, key fobs have become even more important. We have gotten used to the convenience they offer, and in some cases, they are needed to start the vehicle itself. Any type of key fob can be replaced by one of our certified technicians. Very similar to our Transponder Key programming, we have certified technicians that are trained to arrive at your location ready to serve you. If you require a new remote or key fob, our locksmiths can arrive at your location with the type of key fob that corresponds to your vehicle and begins the programming process. Through a series of unique steps, our technicians will be able to program your new key fob or extra key fob that you have requested and have it working right away. It is a smarter choice to give us a call rather than go to your dealer seeking out a new copy. They will overcharge you and complicate things, why waste more money with them, when you can call us and well do it for a more reasonable price. We offer the most professional locksmith service, customer satisfaction is our number one concern and we will ensure that you are happy with our service. Once again, our locksmiths carry a wide array of these fobs in stock so that no matter the time or place, we can come out to you, replace that missing key and have you on your way in no time at all!

Ignition Repair Services

There can be many reasons why your ignition does not work. Maybe your key got stuck or broke off inside the ignition and now you cannot turn on the vehicle, or maybe the ignition is old and worn out. Whatever the case might be, we can repair virtually all locks and replace any car key on the spot! The extraction of your car key is done when your key has become stuck or broken in one of the locks to the car. This could be in a door or ignition, but regardless of the placement, it is best for the car that the key is removed promptly. In the case of a key stuck in the ignition, your battery may drain causing further hassle and repair. Aside from offering car key extraction services, we also replace the ignition switches and cylinders. When you choose 305 Lockout to remove your ignition switch, the process is handled with care. That quality care protects your car against aesthetic and structural damage, which may be incurred while dashboard panels are being removed, or while hardware is being replaced. We guarantee professional locksmith service and ignition switch replacement or cylinder replacement that will solve your issues and make sure everything goes back to normal with your vehicle. If you are in need of this service, please do not hesitate to give us a call!

Re-keying Ignition Services

We at 305 Lockout can also re-key your ignition. Re-keying is the process of changing the internal components of a lock so that it works with a new key. There are a couple of reasons that this may be needed or requested by the customer. Sometimes, although rare, it might be easier and cheaper to just re-key the ignition to your vehicle. More likely, ignition re-keying is carried out by certified technicians so that the customer will not need two keys to operate their vehicle. When we re-key your ignition, we only change the key for the ignition, so in order to access the trunk and doors of the vehicle, you must use the old key, but luckily we can also re-key those cylinders in order to have one key functioning for everything. Rekeying the ignition is quicker and cheaper than servicing all of the car locks, but either is possible. If you require any of the services we listed above, please give us a call